4 Tips to Plan the Best Children’s Party Ever

If you’ve never planned a children’s birthday party before, then you’re in for a real surprise.

Highly rated magician, Ken Kelly has put together a great list of party preparation tips for families looking to arrange a birthday party to remember. After years of being a childrens entertainer Manchester, Ken know just what it takes to create an incredible day!

Planning kids’ parties may seem like an easy job but there’s more to it than meets the eye. There are certain tasks and details that need to be carefully crafted to perfection, as well as the demand for your precious time, patience, and creativity.

So what are the best ways to plan a child’s birthday party? Here are the basic guidelines that will surely make any child’s party an unforgettable experience for each and every guest.

1. Start Planning at Least 3 Months Before the Party

Three months, say you? If you think 3 months to prepare for a party is too much and you plan 2 weeks prior instead, then you’ll end up scrambling for the only available suppliers and venues and not the best people that you really would’ve wanted.

Planning months in advance allows you to book the venue, the caterer, the magician, and just about every high quality supplier. If you contact them 2 weeks before the party, chances are, they’ve already been booked by someone else.

Taking care of the details of the party months in advance also allows you to stay within the budget since you have more time to canvass around the market for the cheapest yet high quality materials, food, and everything else.

2. Pick a Theme

A theme makes everything easier for you. The theme acts as the basis for every decision you make for the party, which includes the cake, the invites, the decoration, and just about every other detail of the party.

When choosing a theme, the best way to make sure the child will be happy is to ask him or her about their likes and interests. You might want to have a football-inspired party but the child wants to have a pool party. Or you may want to plan a Princess-themed birthday but the little girl wants to have a tea party.

When thinking of the theme, always consult with the birthday celebrant first. If the child doesn’t know what he or she wants, then you’d have to dig deeper into what will really make him/her happy. If the child is always playing a certain video game, then that could be the perfect theme, or if the little girl constantly draws dresses, then a fashionista-themed party will absolutely bring that huge smile on her face on her special day.

3. Determine a Budget and Look for Suppliers Accordingly

You must determine your budget for the child’s birthday party. Planning in advance allows you to compare suppliers and get the most of your money. Separate the budget for each supplier, such as your budget for the cake, for the decorations, the entertainer, the food, the party favors, and every single thing that you will spend money on.

A great way to separate your budget and stick with it is by placing the amount on separate envelopes and labeling them for their intended purposes. This prevents you from overspending and overlapping expenses.

4. Make a Checklist

Buy a notebook and make a list of everything that needs to be done. Once you’ve already accomplished a task, check it off and move to the next. This checklist is a great visual reminder of everything that has already been prepared and everything that still needs to be accomplished.

Planning a kid’s birthday party is so much fun! A downside to it is the exhaustion and chaos when you’re not organised.

Follow these tips to planning the best children’s party and you’re sure to create a memorable and entertaining experience for the celebrant and everyone in the party – including yourself.

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